Chicago Naked Ride – A Popular Event to Watch!

Chicago is the place where people prefer to go for different events and activities. This part of the world is also popular for some unique events that can make you feel amazed. Chicago Naked Ride is just like that. This event was first started during 2004. It’s the second Saturday of June when this event uses to happen at the north hemisphere. This is an annual event and in Chicago they use to celebrate it during the evening. It is a great event to watch during weekend when you are expecting for a proper leisure. Well, it can offer you a great mood and atmosphere to meet other like-minded people during your weekend.

As per the slogan of Chicago Naked Ride, if you can dare to get bare, then this event is just for you. At this place personal expression, full body painting and fanciful costumes are highly encouraged. Due to this reason, participants use to come here in different amazing and unique costumes that you may not see at other events. Cyclists in Chicago who are familiar with the Critical Mass can also consider this event as a clothing-optional event that use to fall during the early part of June. If you will look for the previous Chicago news, then you can find that several events were held at this part of the world which was intended for skaters and cyclists. But this one is really different.

Here, you will not just only find entertainment. Apart from this you can also experience a great amount of thrill and amazing people who prefer to go for a full body painting. During the year 2008, when this event was held for the 5th time, more than 1700 riders have joined it. From this you can easily imagine how popular this event is!

Chicago News Stories – Brees Seems to be Critical!

As per the recent Chicago news report, Drew Brees seems to be quite upset with the way NFL commissioner has handled the disciplinary issues during the last few years. He appears to be critical enough on this issue. While adding a few lines for the Chicago new stories, Brees mentioned that he hope to see a huge change in the disciplinary system that is followed for NFL. He also addressed the latest controversies that have affected the whole picture of NFL in the recent past. Brees also mentioned that the system which is followed now is not the fair one. ( )

He addressed that the independent experts and Player’s Association should be assigned with the charge for deciding disciplinary actions during NFL. As per the breaking Chicago news, you can find that there is hardly any balances or checks accomplished when it’s all about deciding the disciplinary actions for NFL. Brees has also address an important issue like there is hardly any evidence found in case of punishment that is assigned for players. Only league office use to have some kind of evidences and on the basis of it punishment was announced for the players. This is not fair enough. He mentioned that decision should not be taken in this way.

This should be changed and sufficient evidences should be collected before punishment is announced. There were several other issues that Brees has addressed and requested the authorities to make necessary changes with the disciplinary actions that can keep up the fair mode for NFL games. He also addressed the suspension of bounty during 2012 that has pushed the former NFL commissioner to vacate all the punishments for players of Goodell. While addressing these issues, Brees also mentioned that multiple parties should be there to submit their opinions on the basis of which right decisions can be taken for the betterment of NFL.

Why You Should Smile More

It’s a proven scientific fact that smiling immediately makes you happier. Plus when you smile and someone else sees it not only are they more likely to smile themselves, they are likely to immediately feel happier. Many people know these things, but still don’t try to smile more often, and rarely smile unless they are forced to fake one, or are genuinely cracked up by a hysterical joke.

So, below we touch on some of the reasons that smiling is more important than most people may think! For a more in depth, click here: 

  1. Universal Sign of Acceptance/Happiness:

Learning a language can be tough and take up a lot of your time. Although we recommend still trying to learn a language before going to another country, you can always rely on a smile meaning yes, or as a sign of acceptance.

  1. Smiles Create Promotions

Many studies have been conducted that all come to the conclusion that the more you smile at work, the more likely it is for you to be promoted. Who doesn’t like being promoted?

  1. Makeup is Worse than Smiling

To the ladies, and the small amount of guys who wear makeup, try smiling more often. Why? Because throughout the different studies that have been conducted men and women both find a smile to be the most attractive feature noticed on the opposite sex. Just let Frank Sinatra explain! ( )

  1. Natural Drug

Runners commonly talk about getting a running high after jogging for about 30-40 minutes, weight lifters speak of high after lifting for a while, and nearly every athlete speaks about a high after playing for a while. These are all natural highs that come from endorphins being released. When you smile endorphins are released as well, so you’re getting a natural high! It would make sense to become addicted to smiling!

  1. Spread like Wildfire

At this point it’s pretty clear that smiles are beneficial for everyone. So this fact will make it even better. According to a study in Sweden, the more you smile, the more other people smile.

If you still are a little uncertain about forcing yourself to smile, don’t fret. It’s hard to force yourself to smile! But, we can promise that if you do force yourself to do it, it will only get easier. Once it gets easier to smile frequently, it will get easier every day to enjoy life in the workplace, at home, really anywhere!

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As per a Chicago News Report Adorable and Trained Dogs will now Help Airline Passengers!

While looking for the breaking news in Chicago, one thing can really draw your attention at the first glance. It’s the employment of adorable dogs to help passengers with their lost items can really draw your attention at the first time. Soon, you will watch some adorable dogs which will be hired to help passengers in several ways. These are the trained dogs and they will be assigned with the job to assist passengers in terms of finding their lost items in the plane.

Can you imagine these guys helping you find luggage?

Even the airlines seem to be interested in hiring these dogs so that the work for them can become easier. If you have ever left an item in the plane, then you might have felt how worst it can be. But this time, you can find such item easily when an adorable dog will be there to reunite the passengers with their belongings. It’s a new airline that is planning to implement such thing for the first time ever. In this way, they are exactly trying to produce more support for their passengers. There are many Chicago new stories which are based on the loss of costly items in the plane. In most of the cases, passengers have left their items on the plane and it took more time for them to find it.

And in some cases, passengers have even lost their items completely. So, to avoid all these unwanted situations, now the airlines have decided to employ adorable dogs who will find these items for the passengers. In this way, passengers will be able to find their personal items easily in case they use to leave them in the plane. These adorable dogs will be trained to perform their duty in the best possible manner so that more support can be produced for the airline’s customers.

Naked Stories Chicago – Find More with the Chicago Naked Ride!

When you are looking at the naked stories Chicago, there is just one event that can draw your attention at the first instance. It’s the Chicago naked ride that has really managed to draw most attention across the globe. In this part of the world, such even has become extremely popular. When it was first started during 2004, it has managed to receive several good recognitions. And during the year 2008, more than 1700 participants have come here and they took part in an amazing ride that is not visible at other part of the world. In the past, Chicago has experienced several events where skaters and cyclists were welcomed. But this one is a totally different event.

If you dare to get naked, then this event is for you. In this event participants use to ride but this ride is different than the other riding events. Here, participants use to come in while having whole body painted in amazing colors. Here, personal expression like element is greatly promoted. So, this time, you can also go for such event in order to add a new twist for your life. With time, this event has developed as a great rolling celebration. It has also managed to draw attention from people across the globe and now termed as an international event.

Some of the participants of this event have also termed it as the transcendent-group event. It is also termed as the event of personal transforming as well as an event that is just beyond superlatives. This event is all about less gas and more asses! Naked stories in Chicago are now making a good move while adding the incidents of such event. This event is all about celebrating the freedom as well as the beauty people use to have. Here, you need to burn the fat not the crude.

Spotlight on 2 Chicago Weekend Trip Destinations

As much as we urban dwellers love living in a big city, it can get to be a bit much sometimes.  While the hustle and bustle, the many cultural events and diversity of the population makes cities exciting places to live, all of that non-stop action can become overwhelming and make us just want to escape it all once in a while.

Luckily, there are small towns and rural areas within just a couple of hours of cities like Chicago, so it’s not too much of a challenge to escape the madness for a weekend of country roads and a taste of nature.

Here we explore a couple of the best destinations for Chicagoans to head for a quick weekend away.

  1. Saugatuck, Michigan

The western coast of Michigan has long been a popular vacation destination for Chicago residents.  Many people who live in Chicago even own small cabins there that they go to as often as possible during the summer and even during the colder months.  Towns like New Buffalo, Union Pier and Saugatuck are all within 2-3 hour’s drive from Chicago, making it an ideal location for city folks who don’t want to spend their precious weekend hours in the car.

Saugatuck is special because it’s known for its lively art scene and beautiful natural landscapes.  One Saugatuck hotel recommends Oval Beach, the town’s biggest public beach, has even been named one of the most beautiful American coastlines by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine.  There’s plenty to do here if you like an active vacation – art galleries, wine tastings, microbreweries, etc.  But if you’d prefer to just kick back and relax, Saugatuck is the perfect place to do it.

  1. Door County, Wisconsin

Just a few hours north of Chicago lies Door County, a perennial favorite for Chicagoans looking for a quaint weekend away.  In fact, it’s been called the Cape Cod of the Midwest for just how lovely and popular it is with city dwellers who want a change of pace.  The area is also famous for its many lighthouses – 12 in all, most of which were built during the 19th century and are even on the historic registry.

Door County is also famous for its cherry orchards.  Those who love the sweet fruit should head here in the summer and fall to enjoy picking cherries and enjoying them incorporated into the delicious food at local eateries.  And if roughing it is more your style, you’ll enjoy exploring the 5 state parks that the county contains.  It’s truly a beautiful area that will let you breathe a sigh of relief when all you need is a bit of nature and small town charm.

Before the weather gets too cold, you’d do well to hightail it out of the city for a relaxing weekend in one of these lovely small vacation towns within just a few hours of the city.  You’ll eat well, relax, take in some natural beauty and come back to Chicago with your batteries recharged.

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4 Bike Safety Tips for City Cyclers

In a big city that’s congested with traffic, a bicycle can be a smart and environmentally way to get around. Whenever possible, you should make eco-friendly decisions, including supporting green companies, such as Cool Clean Technologies – find out more about them here.

But given that cars and buses generally dominate the streets and drivers are almost always in a rush to get from place to place, riding a bike in a city can also be dangerous.

That’s why it’s important that all city cyclers know how to stay safe while riding around, either for fun or as a part of their commute.

  1. Protective Gear – When you’re riding a bike, your number one priority is safety. And you can’t possibly be safe if you’re not taking precaution against accidents. No matter how short the trip, you should always wear a good helmet that fits, at the very least. It’s also a good idea to wear a brightly colored vest, pads and make sure your bike has reflectors so that you can always be seen by others on the road.
  1. Avoid Distraction – Just as drivers shouldn’t use their phones while operating a vehicle, bikers should never attempt to text or talk on the phone while operating their bicycle. Even 5 seconds of distraction from your phone could result in a serious accident that harms you and others. Some cities even have laws against it for bike riders, and rightfully so! You should avoid riding while wearing headphones. It’s much more important that you hear the approach of other vehicles than your cool new music.
  1. Signal Your Intent – In order to protect yourself and to help make it easier for drivers to avoid causing you injury, it’s important that you make your intentions clear while you ride. Use your arm signals when preparing to turn – arm extended straight out to your side to signal a right turn and arm bent up at the elbow to signal a left turn. It’s also not a bad idea to have a whistle or bike horn so that you can warn other bikers or someone opening their car door of your presence.
  1. Follow the Rules – Cyclists expect car drivers to follow rules to keep them safe, and those on bikes should do the same. First, make sure that you always ride with traffic. Drivers don’t have their eyes peeled for bikers going against traffic, so you’re much more likely to surprise a driver and get hurt when you’re riding on the wrong side. Additionally, you have to follow traffic rules like everyone else – stop signs, traffic lights, etc.

Riding a bike around a city is fun and can be a great way to exercise, see the sights and get around town. But those who frequently cycle in urban areas must be constantly vigilant and careful so as to avoid getting hurt or causing injury to others. Stay safe out there!


Chicago Naked Ride – A Must See Event!

It’s the Chicago named ride that has become a popular event now days at this part of the world. Every Chicago news edition is having something related to this event. Since the year 2004, such event was started. After this it has become a more popular event. It is also known as WNBR or World Naked Bike Ride. This one is a clothing optional bike riding event and has managed to draw attention from people across the globe. Due to this reason such event has also become an international event. In this event participants are allowed to drive en masse. They use to ride for multiple purposes like bringing attention towards people-powered transport as well as they use to promote aspect like positive body-image.

In order to get more details related to this event you can also refer to websites like Wikipedia. As per some Chicago news, this event use to happen during the second Saturday of June at northern hemisphere. Since 2004, this event use to happen annually in Chicago. However, in Chicago this event uses to happen on the same day during evening. The prime concept behind Chicago Naked Ride is that bare-as-you-dare. During this event participants can try just anything like body paint to fanciful costumes and from underwear to other similar things.

Such things are greatly encouraged at this event. Well, participants can even go for the full-frontal nudity but for this they have to take risk on their own. In this event, you will find many participants who prefer to go all-out. Most of the participants at this event also prefer to go for full body paint and that is available for pre ride session. Here, personal expression is also encouraged greatly. Chicago Naked Ride is an interesting event which you should see at least once in your life time.

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