4 Bike Safety Tips for City Cyclers

In a big city that’s congested with traffic, a bicycle can be a smart and environmentally way to get around. But given that cars and buses generally dominate the streets and drivers are almost always in a rush to get from place to place, riding a bike in a city can also be dangerous.

That’s why it’s important that all city cyclers know how to stay safe while riding around, either for fun or as a part of their commute.

We took some notes from a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer to share with you the top safety tips for urban bike riders.

  1. Protective Gear – When you’re riding a bike, your number one priority is safety. And you can’t possibly be safe if you’re not taking precaution against accidents. No matter how short the trip, you should always wear a good helmet that fits, at the very least. It’s also a good idea to wear a brightly colored vest, pads and make sure your bike has reflectors so that you can always be seen by others on the road.


  1. Avoid Distraction – Just as drivers shouldn’t use their phones while operating a vehicle, bikers should never attempt to text or talk on the phone while operating their bicycle. Even 5 seconds of distraction from your phone could result in a serious accident that harms you and others. Some cities even have laws against it for bike riders, and rightfully so! You should avoid riding while wearing headphones. It’s much more important that you hear the approach of other vehicles than your cool new music.


  1. Signal Your Intent – In order to protect yourself and to help make it easier for drivers to avoid causing you injury, it’s important that you make your intentions clear while you ride. Use your arm signals when preparing to turn – arm extended straight out to your side to signal a right turn and arm bent up at the elbow to signal a left turn. It’s also not a bad idea to have a whistle or bike horn so that you can warn other bikers or someone opening their car door of your presence.


  1. Follow the Rules – Cyclists expect car drivers to follow rules to keep them safe, and those on bikes should do the same. First, make sure that you always ride with traffic. Drivers don’t have their eyes peeled for bikers going against traffic, so you’re much more likely to surprise a driver and get hurt when you’re riding on the wrong side. Additionally, you have to follow traffic rules like everyone else – stop signs, traffic lights, etc.

Riding a bike around a city is fun and can be a great way to exercise, see the sights and get around town. But those who frequently cycle in urban areas must be constantly vigilant and careful so as to avoid getting hurt or causing injury to others. To learn more, head to http://www.lawinjury.com/practice-areas/vehicle-accident/ and stay safe out there!


Chicago Naked Ride – A Must See Event!

It’s the Chicago named ride that has become a popular event now days at this part of the world. Every Chicago news edition is having something related to this event. Since the year 2004, such event was started. After this it has become a more popular event. It is also known as WNBR or World Naked Bike Ride. This one is a clothing optional bike riding event and has managed to draw attention from people across the globe. Due to this reason such event has also become an international event. In this event participants are allowed to drive en masse. They use to ride for multiple purposes like bringing attention towards people-powered transport as well as they use to promote aspect like positive body-image.

In order to get more details related to this event you can also refer to websites like Wikipedia. As per some Chicago news, this event use to happen during the second Saturday of June at northern hemisphere. Since 2004, this event use to happen annually in Chicago. However, in Chicago this event uses to happen on the same day during evening. The prime concept behind Chicago Naked Ride is that bare-as-you-dare. During this event participants can try just anything like body paint to fanciful costumes and from underwear to other similar things.

Such things are greatly encouraged at this event. Well, participants can even go for the full-frontal nudity but for this they have to take risk on their own. In this event, you will find many participants who prefer to go all-out. Most of the participants at this event also prefer to go for full body paint and that is available for pre ride session. Here, personal expression is also encouraged greatly. Chicago Naked Ride is an interesting event which you should see at least once in your life time.

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