The following is a generalized version of the actual donation gift items and quantities consumed by Chicago's ride. These were given away on site, some on honor system, at a donations table. For other cities the quantitites can be scaled, but the items are sound.

first aid kits (3 dozen)
$1 at Target, zippered pouches, add WNBR-C stickers or temporary tattoo
camping safety whistles (3 dozen)
$1 at Target, Bright orange lanyard, water-tight compartment, mirror and compass.
blinking bike tire valve caps (3 dozen)
Wonderful multi-colored LED globe valve covers found at dollar store.
bubble necklaces (3 dozen)
Inline skate or smiley face shapes.
glowstick sets (6 dozen)
Included varying lengths and connectors
candies (12 dozen)
Various easily carried and low garbage types.
stickers (12 dozen)
Event specific.

Also gifts for leading volunteers:

  • logo tote bags (1 dozen)
  • logo flasks (1 dozen)