Ride Guidelines


  • Celebrating freedom from oil and the beauty of people! Bare as you dare. 6-8pm checkins. Riding before sunset.

  • CHECKINS must show Person-Powered Wheels. FANS see  chicagonakedride.com  MassUp.us  @ChiNakedRide  #WNBRC for viewing points.

  • Arrive CLOTHED&SHOED. Keep your clothes WITH YOU at all times. Be prepared for weather changes.

  • Sometimes bystanders are grabby. SHY? Stay towards center, out of reach. CHIVALROUS? Guard our flanks. YELL NO!!! at creeps.

  • DRUGS or BOOZE may lead to arrest. Bare goodies may target ticketing. Obey police and thank them for their help. National Lawyers Guild monitors: 312-913-0039

  • This is a drop ride. Your bike and self MUST be ready and able to ride some fourteen miles over four hours (returns near midnight) possibly without water or potties.

  • NO PHOTOS in our before/after space (xcpt auth'd). Assume however that you will be photographed on ride. If you must take pics during ride always ASK!

  • Experienced riders are helping in safety vests. Heed them, and tell them any nonsense you see.

  • YOU'RE RESPONSIBLE! Be prepared, stay alert, take care, help others.

  • LEAVE NO TRACE!!! PICK IT UP and PACK IT OUT!!! RECYCLE cans. No glass please. Bring refillables.