1. Create a computer folder for records, links/bookmarks/shortcuts, graphics files, etc.
    Create a notes file in the folder for plans, ideas, contacts, etc.
    Repeats: copy last year to archive, update dates in current.
  2. Read the Wikipedia entries on WNBR and Critical Mass.
  3. Read WNBR main site content.
    Review a number of other major cities' content.
    Read some post-ride reviews.
    Review past years photos.
  4. Read the main site's Organizing a Ride pages, requirements, and linked documents.
  5. Research your area's biking community, history, plans. Become more involved with biking locally.


  1. Create/Update a Google announcement group for your city's ride.
    Find and use format copying from other cities' groups.
  2. Become active on WNBR main site.
    Add/Update posting for your city.
  3. Newbies contact primary WNBR contacts. Request invites to applicable coordinators insider groups (formerly on Yahoo, one on Facebook, may be in flux)
  4. Build/Update list of interested committed volunteers. Draw from local bike shop and Critical Mass communities.
  5. Initial insiders discussions.
  6. Plan/Confirm meeting/fundraiser dates now.


  1. Concepts planning: route, painting, philosophy.
  2. Establish PediCabs/Tours/Trailers/etc liaison, and/or start building relevant contacts list.
  3. Start drumming up mailing list subscribers:
    Post to local groups. Distribute initial flyer. Post basic stubs on local web calendars.
    Hold a party and manually transcribe a sign up sheet.


  1. Procure/continue HotLine number.
    Chicago has used TracFone (PAYG) from Target. Mainly as outgoing voicemail message, but also for day of emergency phone. Purchase number before flyer printing, choose date so active period goes a few weeks past ride day, may require adding a month later. Ends up costing about $11/month minimum. Pure virtual voicemail is an even cheaper option. Alternately (smaller cities?) ride coord may publish their own number.
  2. Optionally create/update text messaging group.
  3. Create/Update flyer art with date, URL and HotLine. Review existing promotional art and prior years.
  4. Create/Update list of best flyer/poster distribution points. See Chicago's example.
    Bike shops. Cyclist hangouts. Specific bars. Gyms, fitness/yoga studios. Also distribute at relevant events.
    Assess total print needs based on predicted distribution.
  5. Rally/be in contact with volunteers/planners; Start considering route.
  6. Consolidate printing needs and seek donors.
  7. Assemble movies/videos for meeting/party use.


  1. 2009.04.05 Sunday: Proposed first volunteers/planning meeting.
  2. Create/Update TV trailer; Submit to local public/cable access TV.
  3. Create/Update press release.
  4. Create/update list of applicable local online event guides, general/athletic/nudist/etc.
    Record the exact URL for event submission form at each. Post event on web calendars.
  5. Post and update note to mailing list, ask existing member to drum up more members.
  6. Create/Update media contacts list.
    Record exact fax/phone/email/webform for event/city editors at all applicable local publications, mainstream and specific.
  7. Heavily solicit volunteers and start assessing staffing by team.
  8. Start contacting PediCabs/Tours/Trailers/etc.
  9. Update list of flyers/posters distribution spots.
  10. Print first batch flyers and posters; Begin gentle distribution.
  11. Optionally create and print stickers. Cyclists love 'em.
  12. Post PDF artwork and notify all to self print/distribute as ground roots street team.
  13. Contact legal observers: National Lawyers Guild and/or ACLU.
    Also Ask around and on lists for interested lawyers and suggestions.
  14. Have legal reps/observers contact/interface gently with appropriate level of local police/civic reps/etc.
    Present that a civilized local participation in an international free speech exercise event WILL happen on the appointed date and time. In is an inevitability henceforth. Then accept input on how best to compromise with city's (imagined) needs. Discount the "Naked" word as marketing (though now a legally assured free speech right), and focus on how the eco/green/clean aspect will reflect positively on the city.
  15. Press release to media (fax+email). May require "fax blast" help.


  1. 2009.05.03 Sunday: Proposed second volunteers/planning meeting.
  2. Seriously work on finalizing route:
    List all candidate checkin/start/midway/end/postparty points. Choose optimal time (night helps Chicago happen). Consider seasonal conditions and consider rest/water stops. Determine overlapping same day local events. Avoid residential and hostile neighborhoods, highways, long straights. Do go where safe (gay neighborhoods, bike paths, commonly used parade routes). Chicago uses a check-in point to screen participants to forward to separate (usually fenced) gathering spot. This also weeds out masses of pervs and photographers. Smaller rides may not need this distinction. Check-in must be recognizable (statue/corner/lot/...), and not far from gathering.
  3. Start confirming PediCabs/Tours/Trailers/etc.
  4. Print major flyer/poster print run.
  5. Do full distribution of flyers. Solicit volunteers to help.
    It's easy to get bike shops to take a stack of flyers or put up mini-posters (carry tape+stapler) if you approach with confidence. Immediately present as if they've probably (or should have) heard of it, since it is the sixth annual. And have art that they'll want to display because it attracts customers.
  6. Procure all body painting supplies.
  7. Confirm legal observers.
  8. Create/Update ride guidelines.
  9. Finalize specific protest messages and philosophy; slogans and talking points.
  10. Bulletin basics/details to mailing list.
  11. Confirm info handout content; print thousands.
  12. Finalize route: Confirm viewing point and time.
  13. Gathering / Body Paint / Launch location final decision/inspection:
    Consider ground, hazards, enclosure, lock-up, exit, power, shelter, neighborhood, right to use, ...
    Pre-prep as needed.
  14. Followup contact media. Second press release.
  15. Notify supportive locations en-route of viewing times.
  16. Find alternate post-party venues.
  17. 2009.05.31 Sunday: Proposed fundraising party.
    Note: Two days after Critical Mass! FLYER THERE MOST HEAVILY!


  1. Final chance for additional printing.
  2. Verify event appearing on previously notified media.
  3. Confirm volunteers: all teams.
  4. Confirm photographers and videographers.
  5. Confirm PediCabs/Trailers/Tours/etc.
  6. Buy/assemble volunteer thank you gifts.
  7. Buy/assemble large volume of donation giveaways.
  8. Prepare all final supplies.
  9. Enable text messaging group.
  10. Final confirmation: check-in/gather/route/post-party locations.
  11. Update Hotline with check-in point.
  12. Post final announcement to mailing lists.
  13. Final notice to volunteers; time/place, supply needs, etc.


  1. Staff Does Their Thing
  2. Check-In / Donations / Security
  3. Body Painting / Rejoicing / Photo
  4. Route / Corking / Guides


  1. Post-Party.
  2. Cleanup.
  3. Determine and report official rider count.
  4. Post photos. Also search photo sites for other people's shots (often from bystanders).
  5. Collect press reports: scour newspapers and monitor TV. Also pre-ride clippings.
  6. Write post-ride review.
  7. Collect and process input to improve next year.