Past and future ride photographers.

Pursuant to responsibly handling new photographer requests, I've assembled this page listing existing past photographers who may be welcome to shoot again, and new requests from hopeful future photographers.

  • General policy is: No photos in the lots before or after ride, except marked authorized individuals (typically only GlitterGuts and Ken).
  • During the ride we say "expect to be photographed" but don't be a traffic hazard and requesting consent is ideal.
  • New photographers may be authorized given: promise to publish, no charge to access, no sexual context, some proof of quality work.
  • Frankly however my personal advice to photographers yearning for permission to photograph at the start and end, those two sole points we try to make safe spaces: Just shoot during the ride, at the rest stop perhaps, at the spectator viewing points, and carefully, or not at all. There's plenty of other people taking pictures that will be all over media the next day. Just be in the moment and enjoy the ride.


Antwone Walters
Has photographed other naked rides. Donated generously.

Matt K.
Flickr.Com/Photos/145353652@N05/Albums/72157674143320426 (2016 WNBRC album, requires Flikr login)
Asked nicely a year ago.

Zhinan (Ed) Wang
Wants to capture the Asian experience.


​Steven's neighbor Ken.
Last name? Any photos online?

Eric Strom
Nine+ years of wild consensual fun.

Luke Haruki (may require login)
Vibrant lively shots.

Rod Mcgee
Long time friend of the ride. Likes to photograph the afters.

Ronald Leon Hale
Long time friend of the ride. Makes beautiful art.


Rich Mohr
Offline. No longer in Chicago?

Mike Oboza
Removed himself from support group and email list. Maybe lost interest?

Mikey Brick (Mike Travis) (may require login)
Good arty sets in the past. B&W?

B.R., B.R., R.S., S.Z. - faded away.

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