Production staffing for a large event can be seen as several largely independent teams. The following are titles Chicago uses, their descriptions, and approximate number on each in 2008:

Admin: (3)
HR, capital, supplies, planning, coordination, donations.
Check In: (4)
Process arrivals, help and info.
Legal: (2)
Music: (20)
Bands, sound wagons, noise makers.
Paint: (12)
Body painting, supply and cleanup, signage.
Performer: (2)
Show bikes, stunts, games, DJ, costumes, preshow.
Photo: (4)
Photographers, videographers, amateurs.
Promo: (5)
Flyer distribution, leafleting, web publicity.
Route: (7)
Corking, lead, shepherding, maps.
Safety: (10)
Eject non-participants and photogs, screen incoming, control spectators, enforce policies.
Site: (6)
Setup, cleanup, carting, water, stay-behind, other.
Trailer: (12)
Rear guard, injury and mechanical support, pedi-cabs.